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hearing aid repair

Hearing aids maintenance is essential to ensure they continue to function as they should. Many of our patients are highly dependent on their hearing aids in their everyday lives, and as time goes by, frequent daily usage can sometimes lead to occasional technical issues.

Whenever you experience issues with your hearing aids, we are here to help diagnose and remedy these issues. We’ll have you back on track in as little time as possible. At Galway & O’Neill Hearing Care we offer a range of repair services, and our pricing is determined on the extent of the repairs required, replacement parts (if needed) cost, and whether or not your device is still under warranty.

Typical repair types that we carry out include:

  • Repairing a battery door that doesn’t close
  • Tubing replacement
  • Reprogramming of hearing aids
  • Earbud replacement

If you require hearing aid repairs, we are always here to help. We know how important your hearing is and will do everything possible to restore your devices back to peak performance.

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