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At Galway & O’Neill Hearing Care we offer a very thorough hearing evaluation on-site that enables us to accurately determine the underlying cause of your hearing loss. Once we establish the cause, we recommend the best possible solution to help restore your hearing capacity.

audiologist inspecting patient ear

Medical History Form Completion

We begin the process by asking you to complete a medical history form. We do this in order to rule out any medical conditions that may be responsible for your hearing loss. In some instances, we may need to refer you to a physician before we begin to explore solutions to alleviate your hearing difficulties.

Ear Examination

Once we have evaluated your medical history, we visually examine your ears with an otoscope to check for any physical irregularities or possible  conditions that may be contributing to your hearing issues (e.g. earwax buildup).


Next, we will carry out hearing tests to establish your current hearing capacity. Usually our tests will include the following;

Tone Test:

With this test we assess your ability to hear different sound levels.

Speech Test:

We have you listen to words and phrases to determine your ability to understand conversation where there are other ongoing background noises. This is important as it helps us discover how you are able to cope with hearing others in public spaces (e.g. group meetings, restaurants etc.).

Types of hearing test chart
audiologist inspecting patient ear

Results Chart

Finally, we will show you your hearing test results in an audiogram, a chart revealing the extent of your hearing loss. This information will allow us to recommend the best course of action.

We will work with you to find the best solution, exploring the possible need for hearing aids, assistive listening devices, or other options.

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